iHome Clock Radio Review

With the introduction of the iHome iH5 in 2005 (my first iPod clock radio), the iHome brand has proven its worth to the market through its durability and ease of use. Recently, the company released its 2010 model, the iP90. My speedy purchase of the clock radio has provided both an exceptional way of starting my day as well as an end all review for those looking to purchase an iHome clock radio.

iHome has ditched the ridged surface of the clock in lieu of a sleek and modern look which makes it very ascetically pleasing at your bedside. I was however happy they kept the two rows of buttons used for adjusting the sleep time, time, date, alarm settings, and standard music selection options. A few functional changes as well as some improvements to its sound quality have been made, discussed in detail below, but as for its overall performance and simplicity, iHome has knocked this one out of the park. The most notable features which have been added since the iH5 include a larger display screen and buttons which illuminate, but darken during “snooze”. Also, a button on the rear of the alarm clock has been added to quickly sync the time and date from your iPod or iPhone. Existing features include the obvious AM/FM radio, a universal dock which works for all iPods and iPhones, dual alarm clock settings for separate wake times which can be set for everyday, weekdays, or weekends only, and finally, a remote to manage all your iHome needs from across the room.

As in the previous iH5 system, the iP90 features both wall power and a AA battery back up. I was pleasantly surprised that iHome set the MSRP for the iP90 at only $100. For what I have paid in the past, this alarm clock radio surpasses all expectations of sound, functionality, and overall appeal. The sound quality on this beast only adds to its superiority. The iHome iP90 system was updated with larger speakers, most noticeable improving its bass quality but also allowing for higher highs and lower lows. When all is said and done, the sound quality of the iHome iP90 blows the iH5 out of the water. Think of the sound improvements like moving from cassettes to CD’s.

Sony ICF-CS10iP Speaker Dock With Alarm Clock and Radio for iPod or iPhone: An In-Depth Review

iPods and iPhones are extremely popular nowadays, and what better way to optimize a device that to have extra functionality for these popular devices? The Sony ICF-CS10iP is a perfect accessory to your iPod or iPhone. I myself enjoy using this clock, and it has excellent features that I wouldn’t trade for any other alarm clock in the market.


First of all, I don’t know if you noticed but this model is extremely stylish. I especially love how the shape of the alarm is so easy to use, with the buttons all in one area for easy accessibility. There’s no part of the clock that’s not useful, and its beautiful black finish makes it very suitable for any area of the house, especially on the bedside table.

It has easy-to-use functions that make operating the device a total breeze. You’d definitely find it easy because with the simple touch of a button, you can navigate through the device, set your alarms, and browse through radio stations. You can put it on any flat surface, as its design makes it very convenient to put even on top of the TV or on the coffee table.

The dimensions of the device are 290.5 x 152 x 139.5 mm, and the weight of the entire system is 4.4 pounds, quite impractical to bring around but still handy enough to transfer to different locations in the household.


The LCD display of the ICF-CS10iP is nothing less than remarkable. It has an adjustable brightness so you can lower it down at night if you want to keep your room dim. It displays a 12-hour time format for easy reading of the time, and you wouldn’t have to squint to see the time because of the big numbers on the LCD display.


The iPhone and iPod compatibility of this device makes it really fascinating. By docking your i-devices, you can play soundtracks from them, which means that you can personalize your playlist through your i-device. The 3.5W + 3.5W, 5.7 cm-diameter speakers produce excellent quality sound that would beat any boom box. It also makes use of the Mega Bass and Mega Xpand audio features which add to the superb sound quality of the radio clock. The digital tuner allows you to browse easily through frequencies, and you can save your favorite radio stations by setting 10 preset FM and 5 preset AM frequencies.

You can also use the radio or track player for creating the perfect mood for sleeping. Play your favorite slow songs and doze off with mellow music, and let the radio automatically turn off by setting a timer that you can set for 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes.


It’s an alarm clock, and I can say that it does a good job performing that duty. There are two different alarm settings that you can set for 2, 5, or 7-hour repeat formats, making it easy for you to set a permanent alarm for different days depending on your schedule. You also have the option of sleeping a little bit more using the snooze button, allowing you to sleep for ten more minutes, up to an hour of ten minute intervals.

The alarm sounds of the clock can also be modified according to your preferences. Set your alarm to the standard ringing sound, set your favorite frequency to wake you up, or choose your favorite disco song to cause a commotion in your room.

Other Features

That’s not all that the ICF-CS10iP has to offer. You can also comfortably navigate the device by using the Remote Commander which lets you operate the clock radio even at a distance. Although it has an AC adaptor, it also has a built-in back-up battery system that allows it to function even during power outages. You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to wake up the next morning if there are sudden black outs.

The docking station for the iPod or iPhone lets you charge the phone, making it a dual-purpose dock. You can charge while listening to your favorite tracks stored in the device, or while viewing your photos and browsing through your messages and phone files.


The ICF-CS10iP speaker dock with alarm clock is one of my favorite household devices, simply because it has functions other than an alarm clock alone. It makes buying an alarm clock so much more rewarding, and I can say that I am perfectly satisfied with the performance of this device. You should get one too, to experience the outstanding performance of this ingenious clock.